Moray, VGA to HDMI in-line Active Cable Converter

SKU SW-30510

Convert any VGA signal with audio to HDMI using the Sewell Moray VGA to HDMI Active Converter Cable. This innovative new product is the first cable that can actively convert a VGA signal to HDMI. Unlike other VGA to HDMI cables that are passive and cannot actually convert VGA to HDMI this cable comes equipped with a tiny active converter chip built into the cable. Even with its slim form factor this cable converter is capable of converting VGA to full HDMI 1080p resolution.

The Moray allows users to connect any computer that outputs VGA to any HDMI TV or display. With so much free content online to watch these days, you can now get it from your computer to your big screen HDMI TV with this simple converter.

Moray Connection Diagram

The Sewell Moray VGA to HDMI Converter can convert analog PC (RGBHV) and audio to a digital HDMI format. Simply connect the analog HD-15 VGA output from the PC to the digital HDMI input of your HD ready television and enjoy stunning high definition video from your computer on your TV. The Morays high bandwidth capability supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions with no transmission loss.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30510


  • Sewell


  • In-line active converter
  • Supports plug and play
  • Supporter Resolution up 720P/1080i/1080P;
  • Audio output: 3.5 audio jack / R + L
  • Power Supply:. 5V 1A
  • Inputs: VGA + Audio
  • Outputl: HDMI
  • Cable Length: 6 ft

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Part Number: SW-30510
Ebay vga box didn't work. This did.

Pros: No instructions included. But weren't needed. Just hook up connectors to correct ports. There are many computer video resolutions to use. Mine (1360 X 768, 720P) is not supported. So i used 1440 X 900. And it's close enough that my desktop doesn't need resizing. Where the Ebay converter i purchased ($6.99) didn't work at all, this worked immediately. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Now my laptop has a connection to the new tv!Cons: None yet. Except that NEWER TVs don't include VGA connectors. But still have component connectors? And that my slow HP laptop with an hdmi connector was stolen from my motorhome while in storage.Other: This devices does the job for older laptops without hdmi connectors.

Part Number: SW-30510
Works great!

Pros: Not all VGA to HDMI cables are created equal. After trying one that didn't work I did a little more research which brought me here. This perfectly connects my old VGA PC to a new HDMI TV that I bought. Video and audio are now delivered to the TV perfectly.Cons: None. Yes there's a lot of connections to the old PC for video, audio and USB for power but they're all necessary - but buyers should note that there's are several connections you'll have to make to your PC and with one, neat HDMI connection at the end. Other:

Part Number: SW-30510
Moray VGA to HDMI Cable

Pros: Simple, easy to use cable without needing a 110 volt power source. Cons: It's not readily clear that you need to plug in the USB end into the laptop in order for this cable to work. Maybe better labeling of the ends? Other: I own a small AV rental company here in San Francisco area. Most times I have to drop equipment and leave, so I can't be there to assist with hookups. Just about all new TVs dont support VGA anymore, so when I upgrade TVs, I'm missing this, but many of my clients still have VGA only laptops. This is great for those times when I am unsure what they'll be hooking up. I leave this connected to the TV as well as an HDMI to HDMI cable. My only issue at one point was using this cable when a MacBook Pro was connected. Using a Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter, then using the Moray cable did not seem to work.

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